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Zhang Xu-Zhan

Born 1988, into the popular century-old Hsin-Hsing Paper Sculpture Store in Xinzhuang, Taipei County, Zhang Xu Zhan specializes in creating a riotous profusion of paper Read more ...

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Pind .Ink

Pind.ink was founded in 2017 on Jl Pinding Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. This community started from a circle of friends and then developed into a community Read more ...


Many countries share similar folklores. The familiarity of the characters or the plot story connects us as a global community. The inspiration for this artwork comes from the folktale Hu Gu Po/Aunty Tiger (Taiwan), Nenek Pakande (South Sulawesi), and Red Riding Hood (Europe), which all have a similar theme of abandonment and deception. Parents use this folklore to scare their children so they won’t misbehave. But today, our reality is far scarier for children than the story itself. Our world today is not a safe place for children. The threat doesn’t come from monsters but pollution, global warming, bullying, cyberspace, war, or even abuse in their own home. 

Our installation and stop motion video is a reinterpretation of the folklores. Unlike the original version, in our story, the villain and the heroes are unclear. Yet the victims are still the same, the children.

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