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Yuma Taru

Since 2010, Yuma has linked folk education with dyed and woven handcrafts, creating the “Sear-Uraw Folk Education School” to push child folk education.

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Komunitas KAHE

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Thousand Years of Migration

Thousands of miles away

Thousands of languages

Sprinkled on the thousands upon thousands of islands

From that moment

Separated by

Ocean, mountain

Embark on different journeys

by Salizan Takisvilainan (Taiwan’s Bunun poet)

The Austronesian language family is a language family mainly distributed on the islands. The language family has migrated for thousands of years. Due to the rupture of collective memory, it requires various research to draw the map of its migration. The deep silence of the remains in the archaeological pit, and the traces on the unearthed artefacts seem to communicate without speech, therefore to conduct relational and emotional connections with them one needs to draw virtual and solid lines. 

This work intends to connect Taiwan with Flores through the linking of shells in the archaeological pit and the shell beads in the museums.

There are scant archives and records which documents the outlook and knowledge of the Austronesian language journey in Eastern Indonesia. The straightforward approach to look for guidance would be to consult the artefacts and relics which are still buried in archaeological sites. Remnants of prehistoric article buried deep in the earth, leftover from the Neolithic period, are dispersed in various places in Flores island. The initial research begun in Pain Haka, a burial ground in Tanjung Bunga sub-district, East Flores. Due to limitations, this research is meant to be the starting point mapping out the trace of Austronesian proliferation in the Flores area. 

Structured within the framework of the imagination—or reimagining—the history of arrivals, meetings, exchanges, peoples that exist in the world, especially between Taiwan and Flores, this idea is at the same time one that emphasizes that there is always something that moves others as events of the time; it leaves a mark while at the same time as bringing together one society with another. Hopefully, the bond of affection will make the obscured connection in the past become solid linking.