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YAO Jui-Chung & LSD

YAO Jui-Chung specialises in photography, installation, and painting. The themes of his works are varied, but they all examine the absurdity of the human condition.LSD Read more ...

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PRFRMNC.RAR is a Performance Art collective initiated by M. Rico Wicaksono, Agung Eko Sutrisno, Marsten L. Tarigan, and Delpi Suhariyanto based in Bandung, which was Read more ...

Kingdom of Keyeup Bodas

R. O. C is one of Yao Jui Chung’s ongoing creative processes. It stands for Republic of Cynic, which also stands simultaneously for Republic of China. The former emerged from the cold war history, continuing to haunt the contemporary society while acting as a parallel organization as well as a phantom, parasitically dependant on the latter. Conceived by Yao Jui Chung in 2008, R. O. C. consists of varying creative approach upon the absurdity of human history by assembling body, behaviour, and image into a narrative. It fabricates a speculative national context to invite further reflection on the national subjectivity’s ambiguity, with an occasional touch of bitter comicality. 

To the South, the dam of Jatigede (waduk Jatigede) is located on the Sumedang regency, in West Java province. In Jatigede there is a system of belief called Uga, a system consists of prophesies which recounts the historical origins of the region. Uga originated from a bigger system of belief called Tatanan Waruga Jagat, which narrate the history of West Java in a much more detailed manner. Uga Keyeup Bodas Resi Aji Putih, in particular, is associated with the prophesies of Jatigede. It is the narrative of Uga that will be reconstructed here. As part of a collaboration, The Kingdom of Keyeup Bodas and Republic of Cynic, will present a world of virtual reality along with video performances and installation works.  

Work In Progress