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Sa Sa Art

Sa sa art projects (Phnom Penh) has shifted toward a stronger engagement with Cambodian young artists and art graduates while continuing to build a deeper Read more ...

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Ruang Alternatif

Ruang Alternatif (The Alternative Room) based in Cirebon, West Java, was founded in 2015 organically and has been initiated by young people who like to Read more ...

In Our Room

In Our Room is a collaboration between Ruang Alternatif (Cirebon, Indonesia) and Sa Sa Art Projects (Phnom Penh, Cambodia). It builds on Ruang Alternatif’s In My Room project, which is a social and cultural space and happening where people can come together and immerse with different activities as a form of social bond while exercising agency and emancipation.

For the Jakarta Biennale, In Our Room proposes and produces a hybrid “island” room of cross-disciplines and cross-cultures from Cirebon and Phnom Penh. Presented as a domestic setting of someone’s living room, the audience can experience art and culture from both Indonesia and Cambodia, such as karaoke, music, dance, local legends, and food. The furniture is made from recycle plastic, a practice by Ruang Alternatif.
This collaboration introduces cross-cultures, creativity, and shared values on art and community between Ruang Alternatif and Sa Sa Art Projects. In Our Room is a welcoming “island” that is open to everyone and to every possibility.

Work In Progress