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Lostgens (Kuala Lumpur) provides an alternative space for budding innovative exhibitions and performances.

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Tudgam is an interdisciplinary art collective founded by artists, teachers, students and activists on December 10, 2009 in Kuningan, West Java. This collective works by Read more ...


Tudgam and Lostgens’ work together to bring in street stall “Warung” into the museum, create an interactive space engaging the publics. The artists collective is going to create artworks showing the cultural landscape and historical of Malaysia and Indonesia, by using painting, print making and letterpress as method. The artworks then will be display at the “Warung”, audiences are invited to narrate their life stories by making video or sound recording, in  exchange with an artwork. The audiences are also welcome to create D.I.Y artworks, and exchanges with the artwork there under barter system, where money did not involve in the process.

The idea of “Warung” is to encourage publics create artworks and to enjoy the arts, also to show that arts should not only be measure by commercial value. The artists collective will run cooking workshop and stone rubbing workshop during the exhibition. This is to share food and cultures between Malaysia and Indonesia. All the activities will be document and show at the “Warung” during exhibition period.

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