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Lin Yi-Chi

LIN Yi-Chi, 1986 Her artistic practice predominantly consists of video art, experimental film, and video installation, on the experience of diaspora under the historical context Read more ...

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Blanco Benz Atelier

Blanco Benz Atelier is a new media collective developed from Bandung, Germany and the USA. Our collective explores the realm of art to build alternative Read more ...

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Studio Malya

Studio Malya based in Yogyakarta, is a shared learning space to utilize energy through scientific exploration. This was taken as an effort to open up Read more ...

🏝️Island Echoes🏝️

The lighthouse can be seen as a meeting point between the “land” and the “sea.” For sailors, a lighthouse is a “sign” of land. As for land people, the lighthouse functioned as a watchtower. Based on this understanding, we try to summarize the long and layered discussion of the theme of “re-imagining island” and express it through this installation. 

The initial question was, “What connects us, apart from this project?” Considering our domiciles that are separated by the seas: Lin Yi-Chi in Taiwan, Blanco Benz Atelier in Bandung, and Studio Malya in Yogyakarta. These territorial boundaries trigger us to see the reality of what is happening in the oceans, by not letting go of our perspective as land people. The discussion rolled on, became long and multi-layered. Afterwards, each of us takes turn to create a segment of a story, picking up threads from the last person. It is apparent, from the story, that there are words that emerged frequently, i.e. fear and confusion, universal and in-between. We explore these two things through the realities experienced by “the land” and “the sea,” some of which revolve around uncertainty, life and death, repetition, multi-layered violence, and so on. 

We present the recording of this reality through a set of dialogues that can be performed by visitors through an installation shaped like a lighthouse. Just like a lighthouse with its spinning lights as a marker, we adapted this form through interactive video art that responds to the voices of visitors reading the script. In the end, the work of ️🏝️Island Echoes🏝️ tries to convey the reflections of the reality “in between,” “the land,” and “the sea.”

Work In Progress