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Kata Kerja

Katakerja is a legal entity community that was established on March 30, 2014 as a program of the Active Society Institute (AcSI) and on April Read more ...

Tukar Tutur: Pasar Melanesia dan Austronesia

This concept is an attempt to capture the metaphorical imagination about the relations between nations in Melanesia and Austronesia. Then, through that imagination, we try to map alternative cross-stateho relationships in Asia. In addition, this concept is also an attempt to re-imagine the master-slave relationship—historical, economic, political and cultural relations—which used to be so hospitable between these nations.

Tukar Tutur is a metaphor for cultural exchange by means of the names of the islands listed on packaged products. The process of cultural assimilation apparently continues and is produced to this day. One tribe with another continues to have cultural conversations in the form of ceremonies, clothing, language to culinary, narratives that we can found through toponymy.

Work In Progress