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Hanoi DoClab

Hanoi DOClab A small center for big ideas in documentary and experimental films and video art. Doclab was created in 2009 to help cultivate a Read more ...

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Cut n Rescue

Cut and Rescue based in Jakarta, is a collective of artists formed in 2011 in Jakarta. first time making a collage zine, from a collection Read more ...

The imagination about the island drags us into a smaller space that is often identifiable as  personal. Nevertheless, not only it is physical, this area is also psycho-social, and it constructs the social environment that we live in. Meanwhile, the pandemic forces a new understanding of space and time, especially those associated with interactions and relationships.

This work will consist of videos and short films which will be divided into three chapters. The first chapter, The Facade of the Past Present, recounts an introduction to observe the pandemic past and present. Trinh Thu Ha uses the term Chiều chiều (every afternoon or on many afternoons)to express poetically the fluidity of time; its isolation and separation of meanings. This is an introduction to Linh San’s work which will take us to experience life as island dwellers.

The second chapter, Multi-layer Spacesinvites us to walk through several rooms of experience and interpretation. Inspired by the concept of atopiaby Jacques Rancière, Ngo Thanh reveals it through various images, placed in a landscape that is partially owned by a socially defined territory. Meanwhile, Hieu Nguyen takes us to a mysterious forgotten isle that recalls his childhood memories of fairy tales and ghost stories.

The third chapter, A Permanent Journey,infiltrates our beliefs by examining trips to an island. Le Xuan Tien illustrates how Xu Fu carried out the task of the ruler of the Qin Dynasty to find the secret elixir of immortality. Ly Nguyen portrays the inevitable neglected picture of the globe shown by the juxtaposition color of nature as it should be and has been. And last but not least, Cut and Rescue elaborates that neglect into a performative journey to a wasteland reflecting the motto of imperialism 3G (Gold, Gospel, Glory) which brings 3C (Colonialism, Capitalism, Crisis).