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Grafis Huru Hara

Grafis Huru Hara, or known as GHH, is a Jakarta based printmaking collective, established in 2012. GHH focuses on explorative, experimental and educational methods of Read more ...

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Forum Sudut Pandang

Or known as FSDP, is a collective (established in 2016) managed by arts and media practitioners based in Palu, Central Sulawesi. The collective has initiated Read more ...

Lucky Gift

Almost every city and region in the archipelago has an identity represented by objects, such as souvenirs, for example. Collecting souvenirs means collecting memories from where the object originated, which as artefacts can then be shared with those closest to them. Oftentimes, souvenirs are objects that have a decorative function—key chains, fridge magnets, mugs, t-shirts, and other trivial paraphernalia—far from the idea that they can be a medium for memory collecting.

In this project, the concept of souvenirs is re-imagined and then offered as a process of producing memories about a place. Instead of memories of beauty, which are persuasive or touristic, this souvenir concept tries to narrate another aspect, which in this case is the geographical and social conditions in Jakarta and Palu, the hometowns of Grafis Huru Hara and Forum Sudut Pandang. This concept is then interpreted as an effort to remind each other and pray for each other’s place through souvenirs.