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Britto Arts Trusts

BRITTO ARTS TRUST (Dhaka) an expansive and sustainable non- commercial contemporary art environment and culture that seeds and promotes multiple interdisciplinary practitioners, groups and networks. Read more ...

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Sinau Art

Sinau Art is a Community of art education institutions and art courses, engaged in environmental and cultural issues, which was founded in 2006, based in Read more ...


ECON, an abbreviation of Ecology, Economy and Fashion, a collaboration between Sinau Art and Britto, two collectives which shares the same practice in terms of making use of available material around us. The cities where these collectives live, Cirebon and Bangladesh, has strong local belief system, represented in distinctive local attire. Underlying that colour is a climate issue which has strong repercussions to weather in Bangladesh and Cirebon today.

A crisis brought about by human action, including the advent of fast fashion, a massive contributor to environmental destruction with impact not limited to the fashion industry and in much larger scale, to political economy. The collectives share the same vision, based on the issue, to create a work able to respond to the environment and, at the same time, environmentally friendly as well. They come up with a fashion design making use of eco-print and clothing waste distinctive to their region. Moreover, to craft the product, they took advantage of local leaf from local trees in Cirebon.

Their work is displayed with accessories made from spices from Indonesia put together with musical instrument made from plastic waste to provide musical accompaniment to create the sense of the future of environment. 

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