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Alienpang was born in 1992, in 2015 she graduated from Jakarta Institute of Arts, majoring in Visual Communication Design-Illustration, is a visual artist working in Read more ...

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Roompok Space

Roompok Space is an art collective based in the southern part of Bandung, precisely in Bojongsoang, Bandung Regency. Launched in 2018, Roompok Space was initially Read more ...

Lele Village

This work interprets the island through the eyes of catfish. This interpretation is motivated by our interest in understanding the island, a perception of the environment regardless of politics. Living things have experienced many evolutions in their interactions with nature, beginning from the natural adaptation of living things to their habitats. This interaction has undergone many changes over time, the culmination of which is the urban environment that we are familiar with now. However, it is undeniable that the main interaction is a natural one.

The taking of catfish as the main subject in dissecting the narrative about the island is based on the development of the catfish itself which spreads to almost all islands in Indonesia or Asia, even Europe. Its adaptability can be taken as a representation of how living things interact and adapt to their own environmental conditions. Living in the wild and in groups, catfish hone their survival skills which bears resemblance to how urban humans live and shape their environment, especially how they process and interact with nature. 

By interpreting the island from this way, this work highlights closely the island from another angle. The island that is home to all creatures and the civilizations may have experienced many problems either in terms of ecology, political and social. However, by taking an immediate natural perspective, we try to re-examine our perception of the island and the developments that accompany it from the eyes of a catfish which is, ironically, also a food source and is not expected to have cultural links with people anywhere in the world.

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